Course Overview

If your guard keeps getting passed like a hot knife through butter, then Guard Recovery Fundamentals is for you!

The first ten lessons are about how to maintain and recover your guard in a self-defense scenario. This is the foundation for the whole course, and it was passed directly to me by my coach, Fabricio Werdum.

I'm very proud to be teaching these drills because there are not many people in the BJJ community who are aware of them.

Also, if you have wife and kids that don't train Jiu Jitsu, then this is the perfect introduction to the art. Not to mention that these are real life-saving skills!

We will then move to the sport Jiu Jitsu and talk about the main differences between the two, especially regarding the distance management/control.

You will learn how to establish safe grips, safe guard, and when necessary recover against the most common passes, like the knee-slice, over-under, leg drag, long step, double-unders, and stack pass.

Last but not least we will go over the Cocoon position, which is the foundation for an impenetrable defense. When things go wrong and your guard gets passed, the Cocoon is the place to stay until it's time to recover again.

Most of the escapes originating from the Cocoon are gonna go through the turtle position, so the final part of the series will cover in-depth that aspect of the game.

-Professor Gustavo Gasperin

Please Note: You are purchasing a DIGITAL product - you will not receive a physical DVD.

Techniques Included

  • 1. Self-Defense Module: Creating Safe Distance To Get Up
  • 2. Guard Connection & Points Of Control
  • 3. Guard Disconnection & Blocking Kicks
  • 4. Classic Guard Recovery
  • 5. Inverting To Recover Guard
  • 6. Framing & Hip/Head Escaping
  • 7. Spinning & Preventing Punches
  • 8. Slipping & Preventing Soccer Kick
  • 9. Modified Granby Roll
  • 10. Preventing Closed Guard
  • 11. Distance Management & Guard For Sport BJJ
  • 12. No-Gi Guard Options
  • 13. Establishing Grips - Double Sleeve Control & Recovery
  • 14. Playing Safe: Double Lasso Guard
  • 15. Colar & Sleeve Guard
  • 16. The 4 Fundamental Guard Recoveries
  • 17. First Fundamental Guard Recovery
  • 18. Second Fundamental Guard Recovery
  • 19. Third Fundamental Guard Recovery
  • 20. Fourth Fundamental Guard Recovery
  • 21. Double Under Early Recovery
  • 22. Double Under Intermediate Recovery
  • 23. Double Under Late Recovery
  • 24. Stack Pass Off Double Under Recovery
  • 25. Knee-Slice Early Recovery
  • 26. Knee-Slice Intermediate Recovery
  • 27. Knee Slice Late Recovery
  • 28. Toureando Vs. Fundamental Guard Recoveries Review
  • 29. Toureando Vs. Belt & Sleeve Reversal
  • 30. Toureando Vs. Reverse Kesa Gatame
  • 31. Over-Under Early Recovery
  • 32. Over-Under Intermediate & Late Recoveries
  • 33. Leg Drag Early & Intermediate Recovery
  • 34. Leg Drag Late Recovery
  • 35. Long Step Recoveries
  • 36. Half-Guard Recoveries
  • 37. The Cocoon Position
  • 38. Going To Turtle Safely
  • 39. Finishing The Single Leg
  • 40. Guard Recovery From Sprawl
  • 41. The Peek Out
  • 42. Front Headlock Escape To Armdrag
  • 43. Front Headlock Escape To Kimura
  • 44. Front Headlock Escape To Americana
  • 45. Staying Safe In Turtle
  • 46. Turtle Reversal & Granby Combo
  • 47. Granby Details & Pulling Half-Guard
  • 48. Turtle Rear Control Escape


13. Establishing Grips - Double Sleeve Control & Recovery

About The Instructor

Professor Gustavo Gasperin is a BJJ Black Belt under the great Fabricio Werdum, and was the Head Instructor at Fabricio's gym for many years, located in Venice, CA.

Training among the best for over 2 decades, Gustavo brings an unique approach to his teaching style, a perfect balance between theory and practice, accumulated over hundreds of tournament matches.